Birch Mountain Crafts was established in 2018 to feature Sam's fiber arts work and tOm's woodturning. We are also known as Robbins & Robbins Photography...which was featured on this site for years, until very recently and may return.

Sam is a former high school teacher (art history, literature, humanities, B&W film photography, etc.) and has also been a quilter since 1972. She owned and operated a quilt shop prior to teaching (Bear's Paw Quilts) and is now an art quilter working with a variety of products in fiber, including rust dying, shibouri, felting, beading, tea bags, and other techniques, including the baskets that are featured here.

tOm is a retired architect, designer & Community College professor, has always been a maker and is now pursuing woodturning. He is concerned with form, shape, texture, color, the qualities of the wood itself and blending other art forms with the wood.

Both of us are forever experimenting and learning to see where each idea might lead.

We have been selling at art fairs the last few years, but in this Covid 19 time, the shows have gone online and so have we.Be safe and take care.

Enjoy Looking
We can accept all major credit cards. Please contact us at birchmountaincraft@gmail.com, call 1-614-499-7163, or use the Contact form page. Payment by check is also possible, though slower..
We are happy to be offering free shipping for as long as we can, but must, of course, add in sales tax for our area.